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New faculty profile: Focus on the student experience will help improve instruction

In any classroom, the ultimate goal is to transmit new knowledge or skills to students. But with technology, circumstances, and society changing rapidly, so proven methodologies must change with them. Dr. Rhia Moreno, who joins the College of Education as an Assistant Professor of Education in the Department of Advanced Studies and Innovation, has spent her career studying best practices from …

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New faculty profile: Flood impacts educators with grounded approach

As demographics shift in the U.S., new research and tools will be needed to track and analyze the needs of future generations of students and their families – and to inform educators on how to meet those needs. Dr. Lee Flood, who joins the College of Education as Assistant Professor of Research in the Department of …

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How to make “quaranteaching” work

As school starts back, parents and teachers take on the responsibility of “quaranteaching.” Devin Johnson from WJBF NewsChannel 6 spoke with Augusta University‘s Dr. Christi Pace, Assistant Professor of Education, on how to make this new model work. Click the image below to watch the story.

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