Alum publishes children’s book

AUGUSTA, GA. – Samantha Flickinger Nale (B.S.Ed., 2014; current M.Ed. student) will always remember an education class with Dr. Nancy Sutherland.

“It was a children’s literature class that talked a lot about the history of children’s literature, how it has progressed through the years, styles of writing, and styles of entertainment and the socioeconomic differences in what children read and how they gain access to literature,” said Nale, an education graduate student who teaches 5th grade at Lewiston Elementary School.

That class inspired her to write a children’s book of her own, and Nale recently published “The Cow That Loved the Moon.” The story follows an argumentative bovine on a farm, Cowlotta, who doesn’t want to do as the Farmer asks. She wants to move to the Milky Way because she believes that’s where all the ice cream is made. But, over time, she learns that if you do what is right, you benefit in life.

The book incorporates vocabulary words and rhyme scheme in a way that is fun for children – particularly for the elementary readers in her class.

“I wanted to bring in something my young ones could enjoy on a personal level, so they could relate to me with that. I wanted to be able to encourage reading and writing, and show them that they can create something, as well,” Nale said.

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