GRU Instructional Resource Center debuts 3D printer

AUGUSTA, GA. – Hoping to spur educational innovation and creativity, the Georgia Regents University College of Education has added 3D printing technology to its Instructional Resource Center.

The Maker Bot Replicator debuted on June 3. It uses plastic filament to build objects in layers – sometimes only microns thick – in three dimensions. The user-friendly 3D printing platform is app and cloud enabled, and includes an onboard camera and diagnostics. Click here to view a short video of the printer’s first run here.

“The College of Education is committed to empowering students with tomorrow’s skills today, and 3D design and printing enables students to invent, design and produce educational tools and other resources,” said Jennifer Armstrong, manager of the Instructional Resource Center. Armstrong was recently accepted to the exclusive Google Teachers Academy.

In education, 3D printing fits neatly into the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) curriculum, but also allows for teachers and students to explore invention, innovation, and creativity in ways never before available.

“3D printing provides opportunities for investigations of objects not necessarily available in the school,” Armstrong said.

It can provide teachers with 3D visuals that they can use in the classroom to grab the interest of students uninspired by pictures. It enhances hands-on learning. And provides more opportunities for interactive class activities. Applications include education, kinesiology, health science, art, and more.

The printer will be available in the Instructional Resource Center during normal business hours to College of Education Faculty and Students to use with a nominal fee.  The IRC will provide demonstrations for classes upon request.

For more information, visit or contact Jennifer Armstrong at 706-737-1659.

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