Student organization celebrates Exceptional Children’s Week

Above: (L-R) GRU Council for Exceptional Children Treasurer Annie Hinds and Vice-President Kimberly Guise at the Georgia state Council for Exceptional Children Conference in February 2014 in Savannah.

The GRU Council for Exceptional Children will celebrate Exceptional Children’s Week on March 12 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in front of the JSAC lunchroom with treats and games.

“It’s important to promote the needs of exceptional children, whether they’re gifted and talented or need accommodations for physical or learning differences,” said GRU CEC vice-president Kim Guise. “Each child deserves a robust education, regardless of differences, and meeting their needs is our goal.”

The student organization will distribute sweet treats and offer sensory learning games to the GRU community to highlight the challenges faced and capabilities demonstrated by exceptional children every day.

“People can write off what they don’t understand, and that includes exceptional children. But we tend to forget that well-known figures like former president Franklin D. Roosevelt, actress Kiera Knightley, comedian Whoopie Goldberg, and singer Justin Timberlake all struggled with learning differences or physical challenges when they were young,” Guise said.

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