Graduation Week 2021: Victor Piedra

Victor Piedra’s parents have always been supportive of him, especially when it came to going to college.

His mother, Graciela Gomez, wanted him to pick a career that would make him happy.

Growing up, Piedra spent most of his free time with his father, Felipe Piedra, who taught him the importance of hard work.

“He always told me that whether or not I decided to work in construction or go to college, that it was important that I know how to do at least the simplest tasks instead of paying someone else to do something. That way I would know if it was done well or not,” Piedra said of his father.

However, as a Latinx male, he said some people in his life expected him to work in construction like his father. But he always knew he wanted to go to college. Read the full story here.

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