Veterans find new careers through Troops to Teachers program at Augusta University

When Josh Adee was stationed in Hawaii a few years ago with the U.S. Navy, he fell in love with a teacher named Monica who introduced him to another new love: Teaching.

“I met my wife in Hawaii and she was a teacher, so I started volunteering a little bit in her classroom to be supportive and a good husband,” Adee said. “I saw the relationships she had with her kids and how much fun she had. So, during my next tour with the Navy, I was an instructor and I just loved it.”

As Adee, now 38, was moving closer to retirement from the Navy, he began thinking about a new career after the military.

“I started talking to my wife about teaching and she said, ‘Well, you may not want to do this because there is a lot of politics in teaching,’” Adee said, chuckling. “I reminded her that there is a lot of politics in the military and I thought I could handle it.”

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