College of Education reaches 100 percent participation in IGIVE

AUGUSTA, GA. – One hundred percent of the employees of the College of Education made a gift to the Augusta University IGIVE campaign this year, according to the Augusta University Office of Advancement. The college is the only one of the nine colleges to reach this giving milestone this year.

Dr. Zach Kelehear, dean of the College of Education, said that the college’s focus on service corresponds with the goals of the campaign, and that having strong champions made a big impact.

“Dr. Wayne Lord, associate dean of the college, served as the team lead. He believes in this campaign and what it can accomplish. And then to have enthusiastic department champions like Dr. Margaux Brown, Dr. Gordon Eisenman and Dr. Amos Meyers builds momentum,” Kelehear said. “Our college has a strong sense of shared responsibility, of community and of genuine care for each other. This campaign reflects that since of togetherness.”

Rhonda Banks, director of annual giving, agreed that making the annual giving campaign a priority and top-down support multiply the campaign’s success.

“When people look at Augusta University and see that the people who work here are giving back, it shows that we believe in the mission and vision of this institution. It makes them want to give. And it contributes to the overall success of the campaign,” she said.

It is hard, Banks said, for some colleges to reach 100 percent, because their number of employees outpaces others. But the university saw a 63 percent increase in employee giving across the enterprise, and beat its goal of $1.3 million dollars with a total of $1,325,898.

“The participation of each and every member of the university family makes a difference to students, employees and patients,” Banks said.

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