Harris publishes book on effective literacy techniques

AUGUSTA, GA. – After decades of leading the nationally recognized Augusta University Literacy Center, Dr. Paulette Harris has finally bound all of her tricks and tips for getting children and adults to read into a handbook for parents and practitioners. “Leading Literacy Programs: Proven Practices” was just printed by Stipes Publishing.

Harris Book

Sized to fit comfortably in an average handbag or satchel, the book chronicles all of the most impactful practices and techniques in literacy training, from old-standbys like Rainbow Words to newer innovations like Semantic Mapping.

“It’s like a collection of classic recipes,” Harris said. “They’ve worked again and again, and they’re still good.”

The book’s publication is important recognition of the work to which Harris has devoted her life, said Dr. Zach Kelehear, Dean of the College of Education. “We see in Dr. Harris’ book concrete evidence of her daily commitment to learning, reading and children. She has been awarded grants in support of her literacy work and this type of outside affirmation is important to the ceaseless work she often does quietly and out of sight.”

“Leading Literacy Programs” was developed over the course of two years with an everyman approach. It is designed to be useful to any literacy advocate – parents, tutors, beginning volunteers and retired teachers. And it is flexible enough to be functional for all ages, grade levels, and stages of development – including gifted and special needs students.

“Dr. Harris is able to write about her work with eloquence, she is able to do her work effortlessly, and no one in the College can seem to keep up with her seemingly unbounded enthusiasm,” Kelehear said.

The book includes everything from reading and mathematics basics to study skills, time management, and organizational skills.

“I wanted it to be something useful for other institutions with volunteer literacy programs, no matter how much technology or how little technology they have access to,” she said. “As long as you can read, you can use this book to help others do the same.”

“Leading Literacy Programs: Proven Practices” will be available in the Augusta University bookstores, available to other colleges as an educational textbook or supplement and will be available at http://www.stipes.com/catalog.

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