Pettit awarded grant for ‘To Tweet or Not to Tweet’

Dr. Stacie Pettit, Professor in Teacher Education, was awarded a $500 grant to present “To Tweet or Not to Tweet” at the National Evaluation Institute CREATE Conference.

The presentation explored the effects of using social media with university education students by discussing in what ways professors use social media in their classrooms, and revealing the attitudes of university education students towards professors’ use of social media in coursework.

“We found that while the majority of students – 56 percent – were comfortable with the idea of using social media for learning purposes, most did not want to receive instructional info through Facebook or Twitter,” Pettit said. “Instead, they preferred to use them for discussion and communication.”

The presentation included Pettit’s recommendations on how to implement social media strategies in the classroom – for example, that faculty separate their personal and professional social media accounts and not force social media interaction where it doesn’t fit.

Pettit’s research is ongoing, and will also explore attitude differences between traditional and non-traditional students.

The grant review committee evaluated proposals on the likelihood of advancing scholarship of teaching and learning at GRU and the likelihood of local interest in presentation at Local Scholars Speak session.

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