Give to your passion at Augusta University

Whether you give because you love our patients, kids, athletes, students or the GRU community, your donations are powerful! Through the IGRU (I’m Giving. Are You?) campaign, you donate your gift right where you want it to go!

For Dena Pickett, the decision to give is an easy one. “I give because I care,” said Pickett. “I love my job, I love the people and I get to see my money making a difference.”

Pickett, who currently works in GRU’s Human Resources Department and donates to the Children’s Hospital of Georgia, the Jaguar Club and scholarships, said “giving just feels good.”

“Our campus is our home away from home, so it’s important to me to support the GRU community. I choose to support athletics because it brings a fun and family-friendly activity to the university,” said Pickett.

Crystal Neal, lead exercise physiologist at the Cardiovascular Center knows exactly why she gives to the IGRU campaign.

“My patients mean everything to me,” she said. “Many times they’ve had open heart surgery or heart attacks, so when they come to us, it just gives them hope, so I really wanted to give to the organization to help them even more.”

Working at the Cardiovascular Center, Neal sees up to 25 patients a day and develops an individualized exercise prescription for each of them, some of whom have had valve replacements and stents.

And while she takes a personal interest in each of her patients, the mother of two has also seen how the campaign helps from the other side: a friend’s two-year-old daughter recently had a kidney removed due to kidney cancer.

“I know that in order for us to have the best, state-of-the-art quality care, it takes money,” she said. “Everything takes money.”

And having that money makes it easier for those at GRU to do what they’re meant to do.

“I really think it’s important that everybody gives – all of the employees – because it really helps us,” she said. “The better equipment we have, the better quality of care we’re able to give to our patients

Last year, your response in support of the IGRU annual giving campaign was astounding. Together, we shattered the goals set for our brand new fundraising initiative.

This year, we want to raise the bar even higher. When you donate to IGRU, you continue the legacy of those who have worked and taught, attended and graduated and gone on to make a difference in the world, both here and beyond.

With IGRU, you can determine exactly where your gift goes. Not only are you supporting GRU and GRHealth with your generosity, you’re giving directly to the programs, schools and initiatives you’re most passionate about.

A strong and bright future for our institution and our community starts with you. Visit to see how you can support our university.

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